Temperature Control Units
Industrial Thermo Products
Temperature Controls
Sensors & Accessories
Cold Weather Products
High Temp Wire & Accessories
Hot Runner Controls & Accessories
Transducers & Rupture Disks
Extruder Screens & Filters
Band, Cartridge, Cast-in, Coil, Disc, Drum,
Heated Hose, Heat Trace, Screw Plug
Immersion Heaters, Infrared, Tubular,
Strip, Silicone Rubber, etc.
Thermocouple, RTD, Wire, Plugs, Jacks,
Photoelectric, Fiber Optic, Proximity,
Sensor Controls, Cam Positioners, Limit
Switches, Timers, Counters, Totalizers, etc.
Gefran, Omron, Eurotherm, Future Design,
Watlow, Tempco, Cal, Autonics, din
Adaptors, 1/32 din, 1/16 din, 1/8 din, 1/4
din, etc.
Mercury, NaK and Oil filled, Transmitters,
Mechanical and Digital Indicators,
Monitoring Packages, Cables, Cleaning
Kits, etc.
MGT, TGGT, single and multi conductor,
Ring Terminal, Ceramic Wire Nut, Butt
Connector, Sleeving, Cloth Tape,  
Aluminum Tape, etc.
Auto Screen Belts, Cylindrical Extruder
Screens, Weld Packs, Custom Filters, etc.
Insulation Blankets & Jackets
An ideal way for you to reduce plant energy
costs, protect employees from the hazards of
hot equipment and lower your plants’ ambient
air temperatures.
Portable and fixed unit forced-air and
radiant heaters.
Traditional Modular-style controls,
Advanced PLC-style Controls, Standard
and Custom Power and Thermocouple
cables, Pins, etc.
Cold Weather Products
Heated Hose &  Tubing Assemblies
Heated hoses are available in a wide
selection of hose core inner diameters and
in any desired length.
Heated Hose & Tubing Assemblies
Industrial process heating applications.  
Manufactured to your specifications,
Water and Oil units.
Temperature Control Units
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