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Die Covers are the custom designed insulation blankets made for your mold or die.  They
eliminate cold spots, nullify the effects of environmental factors on your heat profile, cut your
heat soak time in half and eliminate up to 80% of your electrical energy cost used to maintain
your die heat.  Additionally, when installed, the potential safety hazard of a hot piece of
equipment is nearly eliminated.

Die Covers are fabricated with properly located openings, holes and exit slits to allow for
adjusting bolts, thermocouples, wiring, etc.  The custom jackets are made in user-friendly
sections using a high-temperature fastening system for ease of installation.

Benefits and Features of Die Covers

  •  Improves heat profile that are critical on film dies.
  •  Isolates mold from shop-environmental effects such as open doors or fans.
  •  Reduces die heat-up time by up to 50%
  •  Reduces energy used for die heating up by 30-80%
  •  Improves safety by lessening exposure to burns and electrical shock
  •  Outer layer (cold face) made of Fiberlon, (Teflon® coated fiberglass).  Plastic will not
         stick to it!
  •  Inner layer (hot face) made of silica fabric will withstand up to 1800˚F.
  •  Insulation material made of ceramic fiber will withstand up to 2300˚F.
  •  Packaged as a complete set for each of your individual dies.
  •  Easy to install design using High-Temperature Velcro® fasteners.
  •  I.D. patch identifies each Die Cover™ location easing re-installation.
  •  Each Die Cover™ is stamped with a part number to ease re-ordering.
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