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Heated Hose and Tubing Assemblies

Electrically heated hose assemblies are
designed for optimum transfer of non-
explosive liquids or gases.

Common Applications

  •    Adhesives

  •    Bulk Transfer

  •    Chemical Transfer

  •    Food Products

  •    Gas Analyzer Systems

  •    Hot Melt Systems

  •    Hot Oil Lines

  •    Paint Systems

  •    Petroleum Products

  •    Steam Transfer

  •    Tar & Asphalt

  •    Water & Waste Disposal

  •    Waxes – Candle Making
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assembly for your application.
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ITP heated hose is a custom designed and manufactured product incorporating time-proven materials
throughout. Heated hoses are available in a wide selection of hose core inner diameters and in any desired
length from 10 inches to over 140 feet long.

The hose inner core is comprised of extruded PTFE or PFA Teflon®, 0.030" or 0.040" wall thickness, which
offers exceptional resistance to temperature cycling and kinking. For those applications requiring exposure to
temperatures in excess of 400°F (204°C), hoses are furnished with an all metal, corrugated inner core and a
high temperature 700°F (400°C) resilient fiberglass heater and insulation. Additional specifications for
Conrad Series CH92 high temperature hoses are available from the factory.

The hose reinforcement is provided by one or multiple layers of braided type 304 Stainless Steel wire.
Nominal pressure ratings are 25% of the demonstrated burst pressure.

The hose end fittings are a progressive swage or crimp design and are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, or
Aluminum. Choose between a Female and Male NPT, Female and Male 37o JIC Swivel, Tube stub, Cam and
Groove, Sanitary Flange, BSPP and Metric or many other end fitting options.

The multi-strand heating element is comprised of a strong nickel alloy utilizing multiple end, fine gauge wire
stranded design for maximum resistance to flexing while offering a large heated surface area (95%) for
optimal heat transfer compared to single conductor types of heating elements. Individual strand bundles are
fixed in place and insulated with flexible, high-temperature fiberglass. A layer of silicone rubber serves as an
elastic cushion as well as a dielectric insulator to isolate the abrasive effects of the hose core braid.

Hose thermal insulation is provided by multiple layers of a high quality and nonflammable material which
incorporates excellent temperature resistance, flexibility, and light weight while maintaining a cool running
outer surface. The outer cover of tough polyester braided jacketing serves to protect the hose, insulation,
and internal components while presenting an attractive finished appearance. Other options are available,
including an extruded silicone covering for water-protection as well as a variety of wire reinforced, flexible

The hose ends are finished with a hardened tight fitting molded cover of Polyolefin. All integral components
are bonded together within the assembly and to the hose core to prevent chemical or flexible damage and
separation in use. Heated hose electrical characteristics will match any requirement of voltage, phase and
power needed. A variety of wiring options, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, and temperature
control methods are available to match most requirements.
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