•  Stainless Steel, Brass or Steel Screw Plugs
  •  Four Standard Screw Plug Sizes - 1", 1-1/4", 2", 2-1/2"
  •  Non-Standard Screw Plug Sizes - 1-1/2"
  •  Recompacted element bends restore insulation resistance after forming
  •  Thermowell for optional bulb & capillary thermostat, RTD or T/C probe
  •  Corrosive-Resistand electrical wiring hardware
  •  Four standard sheath materials - Copper, Steel, 316 Stainless Steel and Incoloy®800
  •  NEMA 1 round terminal housing
  •  Silicone resin element seal standard

  •  NEMA 4 Moisture-Proof and/or NEMA 7 Explosion Resistant terminal housings
  •  Integral Single or Double Pole Thermostats in various temperature ranges to suit the application
  •  Passivation, Electropolishing or Bright Annealing surface treatments available for Stainless Steel & Incoloy® elements
  •  Type J & K Thermocouples or RTD probes for sensing process temperatures, or over-temperature protection when
    attached to the sheath
  •  Special sheath materials
  •  Special straight bulkhead or European thread fittings
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Screw Plug Immersion Heater
Screw Plug Immersion Heater
Screw Plug Immersion Heaters consist of tubular elements welded or brazed into a threaded screw plug which can then be
inserted into a threaded opening.  Screw plug immersion heaters are ideal for industrial thanks, vessels and process piping.
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