The plate heater assemblies consist of machined plates which accommodate either
square swaged cartridge heater or formed cable heaters. The heater assemblies can be
supplied in any desired material including aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and steel.
The plates and components can be readily plated or coated to provide corrosion
resistance or special non-stick properties for sealing applications. A slot style square
cartridge or cable heater and lead mounting method insure full protection of the
elements and lead system while simplifying repair of accidental damage.

The new plate and component heater design provides higher reliability and performance
than cast and mica style plate heaters while offering greater versatility. The assemblies
do not require patterns for temporary sand molds or expensive permanent molds and
can be manufactured in smaller sizes, thinner constructions and more complex
configurations than cast heater or mica plate heater styles. Performance benefits include
higher temperature and wattage capabilities, improved heat uniformity, reduced thermal
mass and increased heating efficiency. Plate and component heater assemblies having
irregular shapes and requiring multiple holes, slots and cutout areas are readily
manufactured through the use of formed square cartridges installed in corresponding
machined mounting slots. Special features including distributed wattage, multiple
independent heat zones and internal temperature sensors are easily added.

Our precision plate and component assemblies improve heating efficiency, allows lead
and heater repair, and reduces turnaround time. The simple machined approach allows
economical manufacturing of both single custom item orders and large volume orders.
Companies desiring to produce their own plate or component heater assemblies can
contact the factory for design assistance and purchase only the square and rectangular
cartridge or cable heaters required.

We manufacture the plate and component heater assemblies to any desired combination
of material, size and configuration. The assemblies are available in typical thicknesses of
3/8, 1/2″ and 3/4″ and can be produced in thinner or thicker sections as dictated by
application requirements. The assemblies are normally equipped with square or
rectangular cartridge heaters. Smaller plate assemblies can also be manufactured to
accept cable heaters when required. A variety of lead options including plugs, electrical
boxes, terminals and flexible leads are available. An assortment of sleeve, wire braid,
armor and tubing style lead protection systems can also be readily implemented
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Plate Heater Assembly
Plate Heater
Heater Assemblies
Our new precision plate and component heater assemblies are designed for a wide range of extrusion, molding and
packaging applications. The rugged, high performance assemblies are providing exceptional performance in the
heating of extrusion profile dies, blow molding manifolds and die heads, wire cross head dies, extruder barrels and
injection molds.
Plate Heater Assembly
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