L-Shaped Square Cast In Barrel Heaters
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Cast-In Heaters for Plastics Processing

Liquid Cooled Cast In Barrel Heaters
Liquid cooled cast-in barrel heaters are the most common cast-in heater design used on plastics
extrusion barrels. The liquid cooling tubes run symmetrical to the heater element, which provides a
uniform cooling pattern across the body of the casting. This cooling function dissipates heat rapidly
from the cast-in barrel allowing a tight control of the melt temperature during operation.

Air Cooled Cast In Barrel Heaters
Finned air-cooled cast-in barrel heater designs provide effective heating and cooling for plastics
extrusion barrels. The fin pattern can be supplied as a standard height of 1" or manufactured to a low
profile thickness for small extruders or applications requiring rapid cooling. This pattern is designed to
allow the optimal airflow around the casting for maximum cooling rates.

Air Cooled Cast In Heaters with Shrouds
Individual shroud and blower systems can be used with finned barrel heaters as self contained systems
on extruder barrels. The shrouds are manufactured as cast aluminum with bolt mounting or a hinged
clamshell design fabricated from stainless steel . The internal design of throat maximizes the airflow
over the finned heater body for rapid cooling.

L-Shaped Square Cast In Barrel Heaters
The "L" shape cast-in heater design is typically used on square and rectangular extruder barrels,
which utilize a twin, screw design. In most cases, the high operating temperatures in these applications
require these cast-in heaters to be constructed of a bronze alloy, however aluminum alloys are used
for applications, which do not require the higher watt densities.

Vent Cut Out Cross Head Die Cast In Heater
Special sections of the cast-in extruder barrel such as a vent or feed throat require custom
modifications to fit properly. These Vent/Cutout Cast-In Heaters are designed with element locations
that maximize heater performance, but allow for special machined sections that could not be added to
a standard barrel design.

Heat-Only Cast In Heaters
Although not a common design, heat only cast-in barrel heaters are available primarily with the
stainless steel mounting strap option. This design is standardly 1" thick and can be used with all
standard electrical terminations. The cast-in heat only design can be used on piping areas that are
typically more difficult to heat such as elbows and joint areas. The cast-in heater can also be cast
directly onto pipe elbows or other areas to produce an integral heated part in specific applications
such as feed pipes or heat exchangers. Designs are available in both aluminum and bronze alloys.

Cooling Jackets for Cast In Barrel Heaters
Cast-in cooling jackets are manufactured for specific applications that do not require heat but require a
uniform cooling source, which can be controlled. The cooling jacket typically is 1" thick with ½" cooling
tubes that are either stainless steel or Incoloy® depending on the application. As with other liquid
cooled designs, all standard cooling tube terminations are available.
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Cast-In Heaters

Used in plastics processing, food warming, semiconductor
manufacturing and other industries, Cast-In Thermal
Components are available in aluminum and bronze alloys
and are highly customizable.

Common Applications

  •    Beverage Equipment

  •    Blown Film Discs

  •    Bun toasters

  •    Die and Nozzle Heaters

  •    Food Warming Equipment

  •    Frying Equipment

  •    Glue pots

  •    Laminating Equipment

  •    Liquid Heat Exchangers

  •    Packaging Seal Bars

  •    Plastic Extruder Barrels

  •    Plastic Extrusion Dies

  •    Platen Heaters

  •    Silicone Wafer Processing Equipment

  •    Silk Screen Equipment

  •    Vacuum Forming Equipment

  •    Wave Solder Equipment
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Liquid Cooled Cast In Barrel Heaters
Air Cooled Cast In Barrel Heaters
Air Cooled Cast In Heaters with Shrouds
Vent Cut Out Cors Head Die Cast In Heater