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Strip heaters can be manufactured in a wide assortment of lead and termination styles. Contact us
with your industrial application to determine the strip heater style that would best suit your needs.  
Type A    Post Terminal Strip Heater
Terminals are provided at one end across width.  Facilitates
wiring for making connections coming from one end.  Available
in width 2" and wider.
Strip Heater Styles
Strip Heater Styles
Type G    Strip Heater Metal Braid Leads one end.
For extra protection and strength leads are covered with
stainless steel metal braid.  Leads are internally connected
and exit one end for ease of wiring.  Available in 1" and wider.
Type F    Strip Heater Leads off top one end.
Leads exit off top through a bump on one side.  Leads are
fiberglass insulated 12" long.  Rated at 250 deg. C, 600V.  
This termination is good where there is no room for leads from
the edge of the heater.
Type E    Strip Heater Lead each end.
Fiberglass insulated leads are internally connected and exit
from each end for ease of wiring.  Lead length is 12" and are
rated to 250 deg., 600V. mounting holes can be provided to
contour from the path of leads or vice versa.
Type D    Strip Heater Leads one end.
Lead wire is internally connected exiting from one end.  
Standard lead length is 12" and is rated to 250 deg. C, 600V.  
Available in width 1" and wider.
Type C    Strip Heater Post Terminal on one end.
Terminals are provided in line parallel to the length of the
heater.  This provides ease of wiring and making parallel
Type B    Strip Heater Post Terminals each end.
This terminal arrangement is good when heaters have to be
connected in parallel and the wiring is coming from each end.  
Available in width 3/4" and wider.
Type H    Strip Heater Metal Braid Leads each end.
Leads are at each end and are protected by stainless steel
metal braid.  Lead length is 12" each end.  Rated at 250 deg.
C, 600V.  Available in 3/4" and wider.
Type J     Strip Heater Armor Cable Leads.
Armor conduit exiting from one end protects leads.  10"
conduit is standard with 2" leads extending beyond.
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