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Cast-In Heater - Cast Air Shrouds Air Cooling

Cast shrouds are engineered to be an integral component for air-cooled
applications.  The shroud is designed to fit tightly over the fin pattern of an
air-cooled heater.  The shroud also features a throat section with a flange for
mounting to blower and directing the airflow across the body of the casting.  
This system optimizes the air cooling function of the individual heater zones
through the dedicated operation of individual blowers.

Air-cooled heaters feature a variety of cast fin patterns to circulate forced air
across the body of the casting.  Specific fin patterns are used to maximize
this airflow for efficient process cooling of the extruder barrel.  Low profile fin
patterns can be used for areas with restricted space or rapid cooling
requirements.  In some cases, the cooling capacity of the air-cooled design
can be augmented with cast-in cooling tubes to maximize the cooling function.

This design features a cast-in heating element with an integral cooling tube
for uniform process control.  Cooling tube sizes of 3/8" or 1/2" diameter are
for uniform process control.  Cooling tube sizes of 3/8" or 1/2" diameter are
available in stainless steel or Incoloy.  Dual cooling tubes are also available to
prevent any downtime associated with clogged cooling lines.  A variety of
electrical and cooling tube terminations are provided to customize the designs
to your specifications.  Mounting the heaters to the extruder barrel can utilize
a strap-on or bolt-on configuration.
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