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Industrial Thermo Products
Industrial Thermo Products
Our 35 years of serving you has made us realize a few things…

  • Due to the custom nature of your processes and equipment we cannot,
    within this website, show every possible configuration and/or option for all
    of our solutions/products.

  • We know you're busy and don’t have time to thumb through a catalog or
    click through a website so call, email, text, holler or Skype/FaceTime and
    we will work to find you the best solution!

  • You asked how we can help minimize your personnel and process
    downtime and increase their through-put, so working with you we
    broadened our product lines and increased our comprehensive inventory
    of heaters, sensors, transducers, controls, relays, screen-packs, etc.
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A long-term partner collaborating on lasting solutions!
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About Industrial Thermo Products:

ITP is a distributor of process heat, sensor, control and auxiliary equipment serving the Plastic,
Rubber, Food, Chemical and Metal industries.
Simply put...

  •    We are 35 years of serving you, with an average employee-tenure of 18 years.

  •    We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality products and service at
             competitive prices.

  •    We operate in-line with our values...
Live in Faith, Act with Integrity, Work with Grit.
Tubular Heaters
tubular heaters
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge Heaters
Thermoswitch, Detect-A-Fire
Transducers - Rupture Disks
Band Heaters
Rubber Silicone Heaters
Insulation Blankets
Cartridge Heaters
Band Heaters
In addition to dozens of other manufacturers, we stock and distribute for...
Industrial Thermo Products - Heating Elements, Controls, Automation Products